In the dynamic landscape of private equity, the fight to secure operating partners with digital marketing, technology, and AI experience has intensified. These professionals are in high demand as private equity firms recognize their instrumental role in driving value creation within portfolio companies. In this article, we explore the fierce competition and challenges involved in acquiring operating partners with digital expertise and the strategic advantages they bring to unlock value.

The Digital Talent Arms Race

Private equity firms are engaged in a battle to secure operating partners with the right blend of digital, technology, and AI experience. The growing importance of digital transformation has created a scarcity of talent with these specialized skills. According to a report by Preqin, 71% of private equity firms consider finding operational talent as one of their biggest challenges. Additionally, a survey by McKinsey found that 58% of private equity executives believe that their companies lack digital talent.

Navigating the Talent Gap

Private equity firms are adopting innovative strategies to address the talent gap. They are expanding their recruitment efforts beyond traditional channels, targeting professionals with backgrounds in technology, data analytics, and digital marketing. According to a survey by EY, 74% of private equity firms are actively looking to hire digital operating partners.

Attracting Top Talent

To entice highly sought-after digital operating partners, private equity firms must showcase their unique value proposition. They highlight the opportunity to work on diverse projects within a portfolio of companies, enabling operating partners to make a significant impact across various industries. According to a study by Bain & Company, private equity firms that actively invest in digital capabilities achieve 20% higher returns than their peers.

Collaborative Value Creation

Successful private equity firms foster a culture of collaboration between their investment teams and operating partners. This synergy enables the seamless integration of digital strategies and leverages the collective expertise of both parties. A survey by BCG found that 86% of private equity executives believe that close collaboration between investment professionals and operating partners is critical to achieving value creation targets.

The Benefits of Digital Operating Partners

Operating partners with digital, technology, and AI experience bring several advantages to portfolio companies. According to a study by Accenture, companies that invest in AI and other digital technologies can increase their profitability by 38% by 2035. These operating partners possess the expertise to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, identify new revenue streams, enhance customer experiences, and optimize operational efficiencies.


The battle to secure operating partners with digital marketing, technology, and AI experience is a critical battleground for private equity firms. Recognizing the pivotal role these professionals play in driving value creation, firms are investing significant resources in talent acquisition and forging strategic partnerships. By attracting and retaining top digital talent, private equity firms can position themselves as leaders in digital transformation, unlock untapped growth potential within their portfolios, and deliver superior returns to their investors. The battle for operating partners is ongoing, but the rewards of securing digital expertise are immeasurable in today’s digitally driven business landscape.