A Proven Growth Partner

Mason Bridge is a growth capital investment and advisory services firm that actively supports technology driven businesses with strong growth potential, recurring revenue models, and a highly defined market focus.  We get involved before a business reaches $25 million and after its technology, business model and service offerings have been proven.

Growth Capital

Flexible deal structures that work for everyone

Mason Bridge maintains an evergreen fund of capital that originates from our directors and close advisors. We aren’t pressured by exit time frames and don’t apply a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to deal structures. We focus on what the company needs to be successful and how to align interests in a manner that is fair and equitable for everyone.

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Equity Co-Investing

Providing value through fully aligned interests

We put capital to work alongside our investment partners because we believe in our ability to deliver significant value through our operating experience, capabilities and relationships.

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Advisory Services

Translating ideas into measurable results

We start by assessing the current situation and work to identify major challenges and opportunities.  Combining business experience, technical knowledge and industry insights we then establish meaningful objectives, execution strategies and measurement criteria necessary to track and monitor progress.

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Marketing & Tech

Optimizing the growth engine

Differentiated sales and marketing strategies that can be scaled and optimized through cost effective technology solutions can be transformative to any business.  Working within our trusted partner network, we have the ability to identity and implement solutions that can provide significant value across the enterprise.

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New Ventures

Accelerating the start-up process

Having started, grown and successfully exited numerous businesses we know how to support early stage ventures, navigate obstacles and help lead founders through this critical growth stage.

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Experience + Results

News & Insights