eSite Analytics

eSite Analytics combines broad sources of data with a unique understanding of demographics, psychographics and market conditions to give you a complete understanding of your entire network. With eSite Tools and expert analysis, clients more accurately forecast sales, understand what’s behind underperforming stores and get household-level views of the most engaged customers.

Analyze Your Stores, Online Presence & Your Customers
By appending our data to your current locations, you can analyze all variables—from competitors to cotenants to customers—in easy-to-visualize maps. Connect home addresses to customer profiles to reveal who’s most likely to shop with you and give your marketing team up-to-date lists.

Improve Accuracy & Gain Alignment
Our unique “ensemble” approach to retail modeling removes biases to provide a more scientific view of potential locations. Align your entire team, from executives to analysts to marketing, with a shared view of who your customer is and where the best expansion opportunities are.

Plan with Confidence
How big can our brand grow?
Where should we go next?
How can we reach our best customers?
Who’s driving where and when?

Status: Prior
Headquarters: Mt Pleasant, SC